16 Years and Pregnant. Season 8: Marika’s Story

Marika is among the protagonists of the new season of 16 Years and Pregnant, aired every Thursday at 10pm on MTV (Sky 130) and streamed on NOW (Watch it discovering NOW’s offer here) AISPA (Italian Association of Sexology and Applied Psychology) they analyzed the experience of her pregnancy.

Marika, 17, and Nicola, 22, are two young boys waiting for Margot. Despite the young age, the couple immediately welcomed the new arrival with great joy. The two live at home with Marika’s mother and brothers, the pregnancy has brought about changes not only for the new parents but also for the family members around them, who immediately made themselves available to support them in this path. Nicola had to redefine her life plans and move to Vallonga to be next to her partner during her pregnancy, Marika had to drop out of school; both must prepare for changes that will not only be of a physical nature, but which will also affect their role and identity as they find themselves passing from the condition of children to that of parents.

Marika and Nicola find themselves having to make room for the newcomer, not only from a physical point of view but also from a psychological point of view, the couple will have to redefine their relationship and build a new balance that also includes Margot. Pregnancy is a moment of growth that concerns the parents themselves and the couple, the partner will have a fundamental role in supporting the partner during the pregnancy in order to guarantee the well-being of the new mother and the child. This moment of growth, however, also concerns the family of origin, as in the case of Nicola and his brother, whose conflicting relationship has begun to improve and consolidate more and more following the news of the imminent birth.

The couple is facing an important transition phase where the evolutionary tasks of parenting can be challenging, but the new parents have always fought for their relationship from the beginning, not being held back even by the distance that separated them. They are aware of the decision they have made and with the support of the people next to them they will be able to face new responsibilities and carry out their future life plans.

It may seem strange that a 17-year-old today chooses not to use contraceptives to plan her reproductive life. We can understand this better if we take into account that often in women there is a reproductive instinct that unconsciously pushes the search for a pregnancy. However, when the unconscious desire to obtain a conception does not correspond to a desire for motherhood, a lot of problems appear that most of the time leads to the request for termination of the pregnancy. Marika and Nicola were lucky to be able to share a desire for parenthood. However, it would be better for each couple, especially among the youngest, to think about their reproductive choices by playing in advance, using contraception to then avoid having to face important decisions in a state of emergency.

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