16 Years and Pregnant. Season 8: Delilah’s Story

Dalila is among the protagonists of the new season of 16 Years and Pregnant, aired every Thursday at 10pm on MTV (Sky 130) and streamed on NOW (Watch it discovering NOW’s offer here) AISPA (Italian Association of Sexology and Applied Psychology) they analyzed the experience of her pregnancy.

Dalila, 18, and Rinaldo, 19, are expecting their first daughter, Chloe. The couple have been together for almost 4 years, but at the news of the premature pregnancy, the surprise and fear on the part of the partner were such as to lead him to escape. Rinaldo feared that with a child he would no longer be able to have all the experiences he had in mind to live, but thanks to the support of his parents he was able to reason and understand that despite the initial fear he feels ready to take care and love the new arrival. .

In this great change of life Dalila was supported by her partner in becoming a mother and in dealing with the birth of the child which, however, took place through a caesarean section due to a complication of pregnancy.

But how does a Caesarean birth take place?

It is a real surgery that is performed through an incision in the wall of both the abdomen and the maternal uterus. Following this incision, the fetus can be easily extracted outside. Once the placenta has been removed, the uterine breach and abdomen are sutured. It is a quick intervention that does not exceed 20 minutes in duration and is used for several reasons:

– fetal problems or risks: fetal distress, breech presentation, fetus too large for the size of the maternal pelvis, prolapse of the umbilical cord; twin pregnancy

– maternal problems: previous caesarean sections, gestosis, gestational diabetes.

The caesarean section can be performed in a programmed way towards the thirty-ninth week of the gestational period for maternal or fetal problems that are known in advance. In this case, unlike spontaneous childbirth, the woman does not undergo the typical contractions of labor since birth takes place through surgery that takes place under anesthesia.

It is possible to use a spinal anesthesia in scheduled caesarean sections which causes the loss of painful sensation from the navel down; in this case the woman remains awake and can immediately see her child or baby and interact with her partner. In other cases, however, the caesarean section must be performed urgently when a complication arises during labor that makes it impossible to continue naturally. In emergency surgery, general anesthesia is usually performed. In both types of caesarean, a hospital stay of three or four days after birth is required.

Dalila is young and therefore able to quickly recover energy to be able to take care of Chloe, but having to deal with some more pain in the days following the hospitalization she will need even more the support and help of Rinaldo and his family.

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