16 Years and Pregnant 8, Marika’s story: see here the best of the episode

Marika she is 17 years old and she got us excited by telling us about her extraordinary journey towards becoming a young mother in 16 Years and Pregnant 8.

She introduced her boyfriend to us Nicola, known thanks to Instagram, and her family always ready to support her, formed by her mother Elisa, her sister and brother.

When she and Nicola decided to see each other in person three years ago, it was immediately a love stronger than everything. Now they are waiting for Margot and the arrival of the little girl will certainly put them to the test, but they are ready to face this new challenge as well.

Watch the first part of Marika’s story in video with the best from the episode of 16 Years and Pregnant 8:

After a false alarm, here is the long awaited moment: the birth of little Margot! For Marika and Nicola a new life begins, made up of dreams and hopes, but also difficulties and fears, to be faced relying on their great love and the support of their loved ones.

Watch the second part of Marika’s story in video with the best from the episode of 16 Years and Pregnant 8:

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