1,400 new houses in the United States, plus more than in September

Le vendredi is habituellement la journée la plus chargée de la semaine pour les tests Covid positifs.
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The number of new cases of infection by the coronavirus in the United States plus this is also due on September 15.

In 24 hours, 1,417 contaminants were registered, the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Research (RIVM) published them.

The number of positive tests is inferior to 1,450 reports from March and 1,473 notifications, which means that the event is the most important day of the week.

Durant les sept derniers jours, 11,401 people on these positive tests, are a monthly journal of 1,629. He was also at the level of the last one in September.

The person was diagnosed with this coronavirus in less than 88 communes and a new member of this community found in 60 communes.

Three new children on this list are registered, they are RIVM.

Depuis le debut de l’epidemie, 1.67 million de Néerlandais ont été diagnostiqués positifs au coronavirus. The pandemic over the life of more than 17,000 people, a number estimated in terms of reality, in a reason for the lack of capacity for the first vague.

Aux Pays-Bas, les evenements pourront reprendre sans grande limitation du nombre de visiteurs, sans distanciation sociale i sans port du masque obligatoire dès le 30 juin, a décidé vendredi le gouvernement de La Haye.

The participants were presented with a negative test of less than 40 hours, a certificate of vaccination or precaution that are recommended by Covid-19 and on anticorps. The events, with a ticket, enter 24 hours a day and receive a maximum of 25,000 visitors.

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